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A divorce is often a messy, contentious, painful experience. As both spouses negotiate the settlement details, however, it often becomes obvious that in addition to the legal complications and emotional fallout, the divorce will also have significant financial implications. The legal bills for the proceedings are only the beginning of the financial consequences of a divorce. The marital estate is divided, leaving each partner with diminished financial security. Household income is generally reduced after the split, yet each spouse may be responsible for all household expenses in their new living circumstances. If you are feeling hopeless about your financial prospects after your divorce, attorney Christina Martell will work to help you achieve a fair settlement.

DuPage County Alimony Eligibility

You may be eligible to receive spousal support, also known as alimony or maintenance, if you experience greater financial hardship than your spouse as a result of your divorce. Although wives receive spousal support more often than husbands, the law applies equally to men and women. In recent years, the number of men receiving alimony from ex-wives has been gradually increasing.

Eligibility for spousal support is determined by Illinois state law. Some of the factors that the judge may consider include the following:

• Financial need

• Length of the marriage

Income and assets

• Earning history and earning potential

• Lifestyle during the marriage

• Age and health of both spouses

• Spouse's ability to pay

There are no firm guidelines for deciding whether or not a spouse will be granted spousal support, however there is a formula used to determine the amount once it is determined that spousal support will be awarded. 

Experienced Legal Help in Kane County Spousal Support Cases

If a spouse is awarded spousal support, the judge usually uses a mathematical formula to determine the amount. The calculations take into account the yearly income of both spouses. The length of time that the payee spouse will receive spousal support depends on the length of the marriage. Spouses in longer marriages will receive support for a longer duration. A spousal support order is separate from a child support determination.

Divorce proceedings can drag on for a long time. A spouse may be eligible for temporary maintenance while the divorce is pending. The temporary maintenance may cover child support, possession of the family home and parental responsibility and parenting time (which addresses custody and visitation).

Chrissie possesses extensive knowledge of the Illinois laws relevant to divorce proceedings, including the recently updated Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) which deals with spousal support. She has achieved many successful settlements for her clients in divorce cases. Chrissie listens closely to her clients' priorities and concerns and works toward an outcome that will allow them to make a fresh start in a positive new direction. She encourages her clients to negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to both spouses. If necessary, however, she is prepared to go to court to bring about a fair resolution.

If you require family law services regarding spousal support in Winfield, West Chicago or DuPage County, IL, contact Christina Martell today. She offers consultations for $100, which will be credited to a client's bill upon being retained. Call Chrissie at 630-717-2772 for a personalized solution for your divorce or support case.

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