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Are Your Parenting Time Arrangements in Your Child’s Best Interests?

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Studies show that when it comes to parenting time (visitation) after divorce, the quality of time spent, not just the quantity of time spent, matters greatly. The moment that parents decide to end their marriage, they are flooded with a plethora of emotions. Mixed feelings such as confusion, anger, and fear are common, especially when the subject of parent-child relationships surface. It is understandable to be concerned about the logistics of your child’s future relationship with the other parent, as well as how your child will fare emotionally and mentally as he or she experiences the transition.

The Purpose of a Parenting Plan

According to Illinois law, a parenting plan refers to a written agreement that allocates a number of parental responsibilities to each parent, addressing issues such as parenting time, decision-making authority for the child’s life, custody, and the child’s overall lifestyle following the separation. While parenting plans and parenting time arrangements exist to provide a method of family organization and to minimize conflict following the divorce, they are also created to protect the child’s well-being. One of their primary purposes is to help establish, strengthen, and preserve parent-child relationships.

What the Studies Tell Us

How do you know if your parenting time arrangements are right for your family? Do your visitation plans have a positive impact on your child or are they weakening your child’s bond with the non-custodial parent? Mental health and family relationship experts suggest that conflict is reduced for both parents and children when parenting as equals—plans that equally and fairly divide parental responsibilities, for example—is the primary focus. Studies also indicate that the quality of parent-child relationships is significantly dependent on the well-being of the parents. When your parenting plans are fair, considerate of both parties, and encourage consistent, reliable time with both parents, you can expect them to have positive long-lasting effects on your child.

Not every situation lends itself well to a parenting time plan that gives each parent equal time. This is where the idea of quality time is important. If work and school schedules or physical distance make it impossible for you and your former partner to enjoy equal parenting time, you need to make the most of the time that you have with your child. This is not to suggest that you should spoil your child by giving him everything he or she asks for during your parenting time. However, you should certainly do all you can to give your child the love and attention he or she deserves by being present and engaged in the moments you have together.

Contact a Warrenville Parenting Time Lawyer Today

If you are like most parents, you probably want to arrange healthy parenting time agreements that protect your child’s best interest and your family’s well-being as a whole. Discussing details and voicing any concerns in order to reach a compromise with the other parent is best done with the guidance of a knowledgeable DuPage County divorce attorney. Call The Law Office of Christina Martell at 630-717-2772 to schedule a confidential consultation today. We offer consultations for $100, which would be credited toward your bill moving forward upon hiring our firm.



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