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Should I Hire an Attorney for an Uncontested Divorce in Illinois?

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If you and your spouse have come to a mutual decision to get a divorce and you are confident in your ability to cooperate on an agreement, an uncontested divorce can be a great option that allows you to save money, time, and stress, and retain control over important decisions that affect your family’s future. Many couples considering an uncontested divorce fear that involving attorneys will only complicate the process and therefore choose to work toward an agreement on their own. However, the right attorney can be a valuable asset even in an uncontested divorce and can help you ensure the process goes smoothly with minimal conflict.

Attorney Services in an Uncontested Divorce

If your uncontested divorce goes according to plan, you will not need an attorney to represent you in a trial. However, you can still benefit from an attorney’s experience and counsel. Some ways that your lawyer can help include:

  • Helping you identify priorities: With so many momentous decisions involved in a divorce, it can be challenging to keep your priorities straight. An attorney can help you identify your needs and preferences related to property division, parental responsibilities and parenting time, child support, spousal support, and more, and make sure that you address all of them in negotiations with your spouse.

  • Ensuring that you follow proper procedures: Your attorney can guide you through the necessary legal steps in the divorce process, including the proper filing of a petition for divorce and the signing and filing of an agreement at the end of the process. Your lawyer can also help you prepare for any required court hearings.

  • Reviewing and explaining legal documents: Before you sign an agreement or any other paperwork required for your divorce, your attorney can help you understand the contents of the document and identify anything that you may have overlooked or that could cause you to have a disadvantage.

It is important to note that your attorney will only be able to advise and represent you, so your spouse will need to make his or her own decision regarding the hiring of an attorney. However, involving lawyers does not have to make the process adversarial. You should look for an attorney who understands your situation and is committed to minimizing conflict as much as you are.

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At The Law Office of Christina Martell, we understand the stressful nature of a divorce, even if it is a mutual decision. We are passionate about helping couples make it through their divorce unscathed, and you can rely on us to do everything in our power to prevent any problems during the legal proceedings. Call our knowledgeable and compassionate Kane divorce attorney today at 630-717-2772 to schedule a private meeting. We offer consultations for $100, which is credited toward your bill moving forward upon hiring our firm.




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