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What Are Adoptive Children’s Rights Regarding their Birth Parents?

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There are hundreds of thousands of children in the world who do not have a loving home or parents who can provide them with affection and care. Approximately 135,000 children are adopted each year, and many of them are unaware of their birth parents or family members’ names, appearance, or ethnicity. According to Illinois statutes regarding adoptive children, information about the child’s birth parents and family may be shared and can be used to reconnect in the future. If available at the time of the adoption, the information is typically given to the adoptive parents. The parents can present it to the child at that time or at a later date when the child is older.

Types of Accessible Information

There are many different types of information the adoptive parents or the adopted individual may access regarding the birth parents and/or additional relatives: 

  • Non-identifying information: This includes the general appearance of the birth parents and/or family members, their religion or beliefs, ethnicity, race, education, occupation, hobbies and interests, and any additional information the birth parents felt necessary to add.

  • Identifying information: This includes the names and addresses of the birth parents or other family members.

  • Medical and psychological information: Information such as any drugs or medication the mother was taking while pregnant, family medical history, or mental health issues the parents or family members have may be listed.

If a child was adopted through the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), the caseworker responsible for the child should have this information. If someone did not adopt through the state, but rather through a private or unrelated adoption agency, all records are accessible to the following people: an adoptive parent, an adult next in line to the adoptive child, or a legal professional of the adopted party once a written application, proof of identity, and an explanation of the individual’s relationship to the child has been submitted and approved. 

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