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Why Is a Title Search Important in an Illinois Real Estate Purchase?

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West Chicago real estate attorney title search

For many individuals, purchasing a home is a dream come true. Unfortunately, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if proper precautions are not taken. To protect your rights and interests in this major purchase, it is imperative to confide in a knowledgeable real estate attorney, who understands the laws in Illinois.

A Title Search Overview 

Performing a title search is the first step to clearing a title. A title search uncovers any potential issues with the property that could affect your purchase. When performing a title search, a real estate attorney will assess the following elements:

  • All Public and Court Records

  • Previous and Current Owner Searches

  • Delinquent Tax Searches

  • Bankruptcy/Involuntary Lien Searches

  • Foreclosure or Seizure Searches

  • Easements

  • Mortgage(s)

  • Legal Descriptions

  • Full Title History Report

  • Property Tax Records

  • Title Searches for Assignment or Release Preparation

  • Update Searches

  • The Chain of Title

  • 30-Year Searches

The intent of a title search is to determine that the seller legally owns the property, and is able to sell it without issue.

Following Your Title Search

After your attorney has completed an extensive title search, they may also assist with the following: 

  • Consider timing and possession problems. This includes matters involving your current lease if you are renting.

  • Crafting, reviewing, explaining, and/or discussing your contract to purchase said property.

  • Reviewing your home inspection, and discussing any issues that arise.

  • Discussing mortgage financing choices.

  • Explaining contract contingencies, and monitoring deadlines to make sure those contingencies are met.

  • Verifying and explaining additional closing transactions such as signing documents and obtaining any warranties and instruction manuals the seller may have available.

  • Attending the closing transaction to ensure the fulfillment of the purchasing contract.

  • Reviewing loan documents.

  • Appraise the recorded deed and final title for precision.

During the entire process, much of your attorney’s work will be behind the scenes--arranging the possible purchase and monitoring the work of your other real estate team members to ensure that the process goes smoothly. 

Contact a West Chicago Real Estate Lawyer 

If you would like to make sure that all your “t’s” are crossed and “i’s” are dotted when purchasing a house, be sure to contact a skilled Kane County real estate attorney from The Law Office of Christina Martell. Chrissie is experienced in handling any and all elements involved in the real estate process. Call our office today at 630-717-2772 to schedule your appointment. We offer $100 consultations, which can be applied to your account upon hiring an attorney from our firm.



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