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Child support payments allow parents who are unmarried or divorced to share the costs associated with raising a child. The parent with the majority of parental responsibilities and parenting time is the recipient of child support while the parent with less parenting time and responsibility is the payor, or supporting parent. In Illinois, child support payment amounts are calculated based on a formula established by law. However, disagreements about the financial information used to calculate child support and other child support issues often require help from an experienced family law attorney.

At The Law Office of Christina Martell, we know how essential child support is to mothers and fathers. We strive to help parents reach a child support agreement which is fair and reasonable for both parties. Whether you are going through a divorce with minor children or you are an unmarried parent, we are here to help.

Child Support Calculations in Illinois

Major changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) took effect in July, 2017. Among these changes was a complete transformation in the way child support amounts are calculated in Illinois. Before the change, child support payments were simply a percentage of the supporting parent's income. Now, child support is calculated according to the "Income Shares" model. This model uses both parents' net income to determine the total amount of support which will be needed to care for the child or children. That amount is then divided between the parents according to their respective incomes.

If both parents have the child at least 146 nights a year, the parents are considered to have a "shared parenting" arrangement. In shared parenting situations, the more parenting time a parent has with his or her child, the lower his or her child support obligation is relative to the other parent. Illinois courts do have the authority to deviate from the Income Shares guidelines when doing so is in the child's best interest. The court will consider factors such as the child's financial needs, the child's health, and the financial circumstances and needs of each parent when determining if deviating from the Income Shares guidelines is appropriate.

Wheaton Lawyer Helping Parents With Child Support Disputes

Family law attorney Chrissie Martell knows that money is often tight for mothers and fathers. Parents receiving support rely heavily on child support payments to cover the cost of the child's basic necessities such as housing, clothing, and food. Other expenses may need to be negotiated as well such as their medical care, school expenses, childcare, extracurricular activities, and more. She also understands the importance of protecting the rights of supporting parents. Whatever your concern, Chrissie will work with you to fully understand your unique situation and then offer personalized strategies to reach a favorable outcome.

The Law Office of Christina Martell is prepared to help with a wide range of child support issues including:

  • Establishing a child support order;
  • Child support negotiations;
  • Child support nonpayment;
  • Making modifications to a child support order;
  • Enforcing a child support order;
  • Extraordinary expenses that fall outside of child support; 
  • College expenses; and more.

Call Us to Speak With an Experienced Child Support Attorney in West Chicago

For sound legal guidance regarding child support concerns, contact The Law Office of Christina Martell today. Chrissie can help you establish a child support order for the first time, change your current child support order, help you enforce a child support order that is not being followed by the other parent, and more. Call The Law Office of Christina Martell at 630-717-2772 to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your concerns. Initial consultations are $100, which Chrissie will credit to your bill upon being retained. We serve family law clients throughout DuPage County including Warrenville, Wheaton, Naperville, Winfield, West Chicago, as well as Cook County, Kane County, and the neighboring areas.

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