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The allocation of parental responsibilities deals with who has the authority to make major decisions regarding a child's upbringing. Significant decisions, as defined by Illinois law, include decisions about the child's education, health care, cultural or religious training, and extracurricular activities. Parenting time, formerly called visitation, refers to the time a parent spends with a child. An Illinois parenting plan will dictate both the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time schedules.

The Law Office of Christina Martell is here to help if you are an unmarried parent or a parent in the midst of a divorce and you need assistance with allocating parental responsibilities and parenting time. If you wish to have sole responsibility for your child's upbringing, Chrissie will help protect your rights. If you plan to have a shared parenting arrangement, she can assist you and your child's other parent in negotiating a parenting plan that is practical for both of you.

Professional Help With Parenting Agreements in Winfield

Parenting plans, or parenting agreements, are a critical step for parents who want to share parental responsibilities and parenting time. Parents are encouraged to work together to create their own plan, but this is not always possible. If parents cannot agree on a parenting plan, the court will issue an allocation judgment that lays out the parenting time schedule and decision-making authority. Illinois statute requires parenting plans to include provisions regarding:

  • The child's living arrangements;
  • Transportation arrangements;
  • How the child will communicate with the parents during each parent's parenting time;
  • Parents' contact information;
  • A designation of which parent will have the majority of parenting time (sometimes called the "custodial parent");
  • How significant decisions about the child will be made;
  • A parenting time schedule or a method for determining parenting time;
  • Future modifications of the parenting plan;
  • Plans for mediation if a parent wishes to reallocate parenting time parental responsibilities;
  • The parents' rights to access their child's medical, school, and extracurricular records;
  • A requirement that a parent must notify the other if he or she changes residence;
  • How issues arising from a residence change should be handled;
  • A requirement for parents to notify the other of child-related emergencies, travel plans, health care, and other major issues; and
  • The right of first refusal.

West Chicago Family Lawyer for Parenting Time Disputes

A comprehensive parenting agreement is a crucial step in preventing parental disputes in the future. If you plan to have all of the parental responsibilities, sometimes referred to as "sole custody," a parenting plan confirms and protects your rights. If you plan to share custody with your child's other parent, a parenting plan clearly designates how child-related rights and responsibilities are divided between the parents. A well thought-out parenting plan can also help encourage an amicable co-parenting relationship. When each parent understands his or her role in the upbringing of the child, arguments and misunderstandings are much less likely to occur.

Family law attorney Chrissie Martell is committed to protecting the rights of parents involved in parenting disputes. She can help you develop a parenting plan that serves your child's best interests and meets the requirements set by Illinois law.

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If you are involved in a dispute regarding parenting time, you need a conscientious legal advocate on your side. For help with parenting time negotiations, parenting plans, and more, contact The Law Office of Christina Martell. Call our office today at 630-717-2772 to schedule a confidential consultation about your concerns. Chrissie offers consultations for $100, which she will credit to your bill upon being retained. Chrissie serves clients in Warrenville, Wheaton, DuPage County, Winfield, West Chicago, Naperville, Kane County, Cook County, and the surrounding areas.

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