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Kane County Family Law Attorney

St. Charles child custody and child support lawyer

Lawyer for Adoption, Paternity, and Divorce in St. Charles, Batavia and North Aurora

Legal issues involving families can become very complex very quickly. Whether they involve married spouses, unmarried parents, children, or other family members, the decisions made in these cases can affect family relationships for years to come. When you are entering the family courts in Kane County, you should be sure to work with an experienced attorney who can help you understand how to protect your family's best interests.

Attorney Chrissie Martell believes in providing empathetic and effective legal counsel to those who need to resolve family law matters. She will make sure you understand your rights, and she will provide you with guidance throughout the legal process, helping you reach an outcome that will meet your family's ongoing needs.

Family Law Issues in Kane County

For those who live in the areas surrounding St.Charles, Geneva, Batavia, and North Aurora, family law cases will typically be addressed in the courtrooms of the Kane County Judicial Center in St. Charles. Chrissie has worked with clients to address a wide variety of cases in the Kane County family courts, including:

  • Divorce - If you wish to legally dissolve your marriage, you and your ex-spouse will need to resolve a variety of legal and financial issues, including determining how to divide marital property and addressing whether spousal support will be necessary. Chrissie can help you negotiate a settlement in an uncontested divorce, or she can provide you with representation in divorce litigation.
  • Child Custody and Child Support - Whether you are a divorcing parent or are unmarried and separated from your child's other parent, you will want to create a parenting plan that addresses how children will be raised, who will make decisions about issues such as education and medical care, and when children will spend time with each parent. Chrissie will work with you to negotiate a workable parenting agreement that protects your parental rights and your child's best interests. She will also ensure that all applicable factors are taken into consideration when determining each parent's financial obligations toward your children.
  • Paternity/Parentage - If you and your child's other parent are unmarried, Chrissie can help you legally establish the child's parentage in order to protect your parental rights, ensure that your child receives child support, and realize other benefits.
  • Adoption - Different procedures may be followed in different types of adoption cases. Chrissie will help you understand your requirements and provide you with representation during a step-parent adoption, a private adoption, or a DCFS adoption. She can also help you create an open adoption agreement that will allow an adoptive child to have a healthy relationship with one or both of their biological parents.
  • Guardianship - If you are a person other than a parent who is providing care for a minor child, Chrissie can work with you to establish legal guardianship for the child, giving you the right to make decisions about how best to provide for the child's ongoing needs.

Contact a Geneva Child Custody and Divorce Attorney

Whether you need representation in a complex divorce case, want to address custody rights for your children, or would like to complete the process of adopting a child, Chrissie Martell can provide the legal help you need. She will work closely with you throughout the legal process and help you reach a positive outcome to your case that will provide for your family's ongoing success.

Contact the Law Office of Christina Martell today at 630-717-2772. We provide consultations for a $100 fee, which will be applied to your overall bill once you hire our firm. We assist with family law cases for clients throughout Kane County, including North Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and Elgin.

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