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Araceli Kadan


Araceli Kadan paralegal

Certified Paralegal and Office Manager, Araceli Kadan, has over twenty years of experience in business administration and customer service. Her professional skills and warm demeanor serve clients by ensuring their questions are answered in a timely manner when Chrissie is unavailable due to court or other client matters. Araceli frequently performs the role of client intake, providing the firm with all requisite information on a client that will be used throughout the duration of the case. She ensures that the information is complete and accurate and stores it securely in the law office's case management system where it is used to aid in drafting all documents moving forward. Araceli also drafts and files routine pleadings, schedules court dates, and sends notice to opposing parties regarding upcoming motion presentment. Araceli is a vital part of the day-to-day operations of the law office, and she frequently goes above and beyond to ensure Chrissie is well-equipped to serve her clients to their satisfaction.

Araceli has robust experience in many aspects of business administration in the public and private sector. She has gained extensive knowledge of legal topics that frequently arise in connection with adoption and family law matters such as immigration law, military benefits, personal injury, workers compensation, retirement and employment benefits, and real estate. In addition to her work as a paralegal and office manager, Araceli works in accounting and bookkeeping for individuals and small businesses. Her knowledge of accounting and finance serves Chrissie's clients well, particularly when editing financial affidavits to ensure they are adequately completed and accurately calculated prior to Chrissie's final review.

Araceli is fluent in Spanish and provides interpretation between Chrissie and her clients who prefer to speak in Spanish, free of charge to the client. When preferred, she follows up with clients in Spanish via phone calls and brief emails to ensure their concerns are adequately addressed by the law office. Araceli is available in the office every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM to answer client calls and emails. If you are a current client and would like to set up a meeting with Chrissie, please call the office to speak with Araceli to schedule a meeting in person or over the phone. If you are a potential client seeking an attorney to represent you, Araceli is available for a brief informational interview and will schedule your $100 initial consultation with Chrissie. The initial consultation fee will be credited to your bill upon engagement of The Law Office of Christina Martell. Call us today at 630-717-2772.

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